A full range of tail doors for trucks

From simple manual opening doors, to air operated tail door systems, Garstang Truck Bodies Ltd can manufacture the perfect tail doors for your needs.

High quality, reliable tail door systems

Based in Lancashire and supplying businesses throughout the UK since being established in 1985 Garstang Truck Bodies Ltd have experience in supplying high quality tail doors of all types. All work is done to ISO9000:2015 standards and we guarantee all of our tail doors for your complete peace of mind.

Air operated tail doors

Our air operated tail doors are more secure than the traditional types which only have one single ram to lock and unlock the tail door. Unlike other air tail doors on the market our tail doors clamp shut if air is lost to the tail door so your load has no chance of espcaping and causing danger if that problem did arise. Ramp clamps can be fitted to ensure the door is fully fastened.

Functional from controls in cab and operated with the turn of a switch.

There are two options when choosing an air operated tail door.

Option one Is having a one piece air operated door. The door will lock and unlock from the control panel in the cab. Once unlocked this door will naturally open with the motion of the body being raised.

The second option is having an air operated split tail door. As well as being able to lock and unlock this door there will be an added function of being able to open and close the bottom section of the tail door with the use of a second switch from the control panel in the cab.

Our air operated doors generally lean in 8″ from top to bottom on the back pillar but this measurement can be tailored to suit your needs.

Manual opening one piece and split tail doors

Our one piece tail doors are the most simple and effective solution for your trucks tail doors. Hinged from the top with heavy duty double link top hinges to ensure the tail door remains sturdy.

Again hinged from the top but with heavy duty hold up mechanisms our split tail doors are ideal when carrying loads like tarmac. These doors are often split 60 – 40 but can be altered as you wish.

The bottom section opens and closes with a locking bar and fastens with clasps. The bottom section is kept open with a slam catch that connects to top section. There is a secondary hold up chain for added safety.

Barn doors

Our barn doors are vertically split and overlap for greater load security.

Tail door hatches

Normally fitted at floor level to ensure ease of working if trying to fit a spade through the hatch.

Hatches can be opended and closed with either a push and pull down plate or with the use of a lever.

Can be fitted with spin locks to lock hatch into place when either open or closed.

Ramp tail doors.

Generally used with animal waste type bodies these tail doors hinge from the bottom to create a ramp for ease when loading and unloading. Complete with steps and assistor springs for ease of opening.

Compactor Doors

Our compactor doors can be built to our standard specification or built to suit your needs, giving you reliable and secure doors that your compactor vehicles require.

Tail Lifts

Contact us for our full range of tail lift options.

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